• Built to Last

    Connective Tissue - Use It or Lose It What's so good about regular exercise? Apart from the well-known and significant cardiovascular benefits, regular exercise helps you maintain, strengthen, and continually upgrade your store and supply of connective tissue - muscle and bone. Weight-bearing

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  • Key to Senior Fitness: Chiropractic Care, Healthy Lifestyle

    Over the hill at age 65? Ready for the rocker at 70? Not these days. Americans are living longer and making more of their later years. One key is exercise. "Perhaps the most debilitating influence in people's health as they age is a sedentary life," said Dr. Jerome McAndrews, national spokesperson

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  • Getting Fit at Fifty and Beyond

    Chiropractic Care and Returning to Fitness Chiropractic care is an important component of any exercise program and is especially important for those who are beginning a fitness program or returning to exercise after a long absence. Regular chiropractic care helps ensure spinal fitness, which is

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  • When Parents Get Older

    Baby Boomer Vitamins & Minerals We all need to ensure we're getting our daily vitamin requirements. Baby boomers have additional concerns, relating to maintaining: A strong immune system Strong bones

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  • Pushing Back the Clock

    Cognitive Function and Chiropractic One of the proposed mechanisms for the benefit of regular exercise on mental functioning involves alterations in the amount of blood reaching the brain. A complementary proposed mechanism involves alterations in the structure and

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  • Senior Fitness

    SAMPLE WORKOUT ROUTINESUPPER BODYBench Press (Chest)Lat Pulldown (Back)Seated Shoulder Press (Deltoids)Incline Dumbbell Curls (Biceps)Triceps PressdownLower BodyMachine Leg Press (Quadriceps)Hamstring CurlsStanding Calf RaiseCOREAbdominal PressProne cross-raise (opposite arm/leg)Plank (2 x 15 sec)Lunges

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